Core Web Vitals -A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand

[email protected] June 10, 2021 Wanting to improve your user’s webpage experience? You’ve come to the right place.  The introduction of Core Web Vitals in 2020 meant that web developers and website owners had something more than Search Engine Optimisation, mobile-friendliness, and suitably secure websites to aspire towards: they were provided with measurable values for user browsing […]

SSL Certificate-What is SSL and why your Website Needs it?

What is SSL certificate and why your Website Need this

What is an SSL certificate?  SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a secure protocol developed for sending sensitive information over the internet. If a site you are on is certified, it means that the site is secure and encrypted and any data you enter is safely shared with that website and that website […]

Lead generation from Social Media – B2B Solutions

Lead generation from social media

We are, of course talking about lead generation for businesses. Let’s just run through a few facts about LinkedIn; 1. LinkedIn has 675 million users That’s a 14% increase since the end of 2018 when LinkedIn reported 590 million users. And they continue to grow exponentially as a result of the disruption to the economy. 2. The engagement […]

Is SEO Services one of the dark arts?

SEO services

Search Engine Optimization—or SEO—is a term that may sound scary at first, but it is simple when you break it down. It’s the process of optimizing your online content (website, blog, or otherwise) for search engine algorithms like Google’s. Search engine algorithms look at all the content on the web and lay it out on […]

Your website may not be right for your business

web site design agency

Is your website right for your business? ( Ask a website design agency) A website design agency telling a small business owner to “assume your customer’s perspective” is one of those classic easier said than done problems. It’s not for lack of trying, but owning a small business isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle. […]

Digital Advertising and its features

Digital advertising

Digital advertising comes in many different varieties, including display advertising (those web banners next to your favourite Youtube videos), sponsored ads (such as the online advertising on Google and Facebook), and of course, search ads—to name a few! So where do you start for digital advertising? While there are so many online options to choose […]

OTIF – On-Time, in-full! (Sometimes known as DIFOT)

What is the meaning of OTIF or DIFOT? OTIF - On - Time - In - Full DIFOT - Delivered - In - Full - On - Time

OTIF – On – Time – In – Full      DIFOT – Delivered – In – Full – On – Time OTIF is a KPI (Key performance indicator) that unites a company. What is the meaning of DIFOT? And is OTIF meaning something different? (It can almost be said to be the measurement of […]