December 8, 2020


2021 – The year that Digital Marketing reaches critical mass.

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Holmegarth Business Support exists to help the owners and managers of SME’s globally understand the basics of all that is currently held under the umbrella of digital marketing! Digital marketing in a small business is often not given the time it requires due to the difficulty of establishing digital marketing ROI. As a consequence, there can be a lack of focus. The expense of a fully operational digital marketing KPI dashboard can also be a factor. Our FREE Snapshot Report gives you the Benchmark you require to build a current Digital Marketing Strategy.

The Digital Customer Journey Touchpoints are changing (It was changing before Covid) The current crisis has just accelerated the change. Drawing on years of experience in Manufacturing and Trading Companies across the Globe, we take the time to understand your business, market, and Benchmark where you are in the journey before making suggestions regarding how you proceed.

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We are so much more than an inbound lead generation agency. As a result of our experience in the industry, we understand budget constraints and time demands. Because of this, our systems are set up so that you can have a mixture of full outsourced service right through to in-house training.

You should receive your free benchmark report within the next ten minutes, however, if there is any specific you would like to discuss,  grab a free consultation now.

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FAQ’s on the Free Snapshot Report

What is a Snapshot Report?
The Snapshot Report is an award-winning marketing-needs assessment with automated insights into a business’s online marketing performance. You can use these insights as an opportunity to start the powerful and persuasive conversation within a company. Above all, they highlight gaps in your digital marketing and grant you the opportunity to discuss the optimal solutions.

What keywords does the Advertising section use?
The Advertising section of the free Snapshot Report currently identifies the top 5 keywords for your business based on content gathered from their website and business information. In other words, if this is different you need to spend some time reviewing either your content or your keywords.

Why don’t these keywords match the ones I am currently running?

If these keywords don’t match yours, it would mean that your current keywords are not ones that are considered in the top 5. For instance, not the ones chosen for the business based on location, business information, and the content of your website.

Why aren’t my keywords in the top 5 results?

Your keywords may not be in these top 5 results for several reasons. For example, if you are using unique keywords, these are not likely to fall under those top 5 keywords for the business.

Keywords that are considered unique and may not be in those top results could be your company name. Alternatively, the names of your unique products. Or they could be, common misspellings of your brand or product, or unique long-tail keywords. 

What is reported in the Social Section of the Snapshot Report? The Social Section of the Snapshot report currently supports only; listings, reviews, SEO, and advertising