Lead generation.

Managing all Online Marketing for your Business in one place! 

The Pulse

Provide by Holmegarth Business Support, Pulse is a “pick and mix” of reasonably priced solutions in an Online KPI Dashboard that will help you understand and then manage the change into the website led growth that is going to affect your digital marketing.

Central Dashboard

Managing all Online Marketing for your Business in one place! For instance, Online Reviews. Social posts and Social Media responses. Online Reputation Management and Review responses. Business Listings Scan for free and updated listings, mentions online, all types of paid digital advertising and ROI as well as global or local SEO.


The most cost-effective way to get up and running is through using our Grow your Online Presence Package in the store. This complete online reputation management product costs £ 119.85 per month and is scaled up or down as required on a monthly basis – No -long term contracts!

Price Packages

The most basic system is the Maintain your Online Presence Package which provides weekly reports to ensure that you do not drop back with your schedule plan. Basic listings are included as well as social posting for your most popular channels. As a result, this will maintain your market share until the point you are ready to achieve website led growth.

What is the Marketing Funnel?

The Marketing Funnel rolls up key metrics from the Executive Report into Impressions, Engagement, and Leads, and as a result, you see how your efforts contribute to increased brand awareness, more customers and website led growth.

The  Funnel in Business App enables users to see how their marketing efforts perform clearly in three distinct sections.

Impressions: The number of views online content received.

Engagement: The number of interactions with a business’ online content.

Leads: The number of interactions from people interested in a business’ online content.

Within each section, you can find important statistics that drive Marketing Funnel and website led growth. This is because these include statistics such as Google My Business views, social post comments, ad clicks, and the number of new reviews that form a key part of your 2023 Digital Marketing.

“If you have a pulse, you have a purpose!”

– Rich Wilkerson Jr. –